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Planning a first time visit? You can find some important information here.

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Are you planning on visiting us this Sunday? That’s great! We look forward to meeting you. Here you can find information relevant to your first visit.

What we Love

What we Love

We share many areas of faith with professing Christians. In what ways is our local community unique? Here you can read our distinctives.


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Listen to Expository Preaching from our pulpit, uncovering, explaining and applying the main point of a passage of Scripture to God’s glory.

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How we Give

What Happens When I Give?

What Happens When I Give? Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni members are encouraged to give proportionally, anonymously, cheerfully, sacrificially and regularly. Giving of our time, talent and treasurer is part …


2018 Calendar

Our 2018 Calendar Find our calendared ministries below, a philosophy of how we’ve calendared it, and the leader responsible for the ministry. Also, right at the bottom is our online …