Are you a Member? – Pray

Pray, Are you a Member

We pray for our leaders so that the Lord would grant them wisdom, holiness and zealousness. We pray for other members so that we all would be caused to grow in knowledge and holy living.

One way to join together in corporate prayer is to join the weekly prayer meeting before the morning service at 8:30am. Another way is to request the latest register of church members from the church office so that you can pray through that.

Are you a Member? – Attend

Attend, Are you a Member

We attend services whenever possible which allows us to sit under the reading and teaching of God’s Word and gives us opportunities to practice the one another’s within the body that God has placed us.

In Bible studies we foster accountability relationships and enjoy deep fellowship, worship and prayer. They are an environment where we can probe the truths of Scripture. We encourage all our members to participate in one of the Bible studies that the church offers.

Are you a Member? – Serve

Serve, Are you a Member

Jesus Christ exemplified servant leadership and all Christians are called to a life of humble service.

A local church is like a human body. It is made up of many parts. It requires all of its parts to work together if it is to function optimally. If you’d like to find out where you can serve speak to one of our elders or deacons and they’ll get you involved in a ministry.

Are you a Member? – Give

Give, Are you a Member

New Testament Christians aren’t commanded to tithe yet we are told to give proportionally, anonymously, cheerfully, sacrificially and regularly.

Giving, is an act of our worship and is an important way that we participate in the ministry at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni so that the glory of God may sound out to our city.

Are you a Member? – Evangelise

Evangelise, Are you a Member

We have all been tasked to make disciples of all the nations. We are expected to support this ministry by introducing strangers to the body.