Our Children’s Ministry for 2017

Our Children’s Ministry Report for 2017

At the beginning of 2017 the elders of Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni chose several ministries we wanted to focus on through 2017. We wanted to: 1.) Develop the leadership capacity of our woman, 2.) Deepen our discipleship through small groups, 3.) Extend our prayer ministry throughout the whole church and 4.) Stabilise our children’s ministry.

I say stabilize because we had been losing ground in this area. Up until 2014 the children attendance at our worship services had been growing around 15-25%. But from 2014 to 2016 we had been declining between 5-10%. The elders felt that this was an area that needed sharp focus. And praise the Lord it is an area that He has grown in 2017.

Last Sunday I met with leaders of the various children ministries to get a litmus how their specific ministry was doing, to give them some visibility of how their ministry relates to others and to gather information so that we can plan for 2018. Here is a breakdown of how things are doing:

Sunday School

Children's Ministry

Our Sunday School cares for children between 2 and 12 on Sundays from 8:30-9:15am. We use the Generations of Grace curriculum which is excellent. We now have 3 classes, 4-8 kids in a toddler class and 18-24 kids across a junior and a senior class. This ministry is led by Martha who is joined by Lynette, Chiletso, Aletta, Geraldine and Elijah.

This ministry has the following needs: 1.) Teachers, willing to come to quarterly training days and who will be dedicated to the Sunday morning 8:30-9:15am classes, 2.) Portable dividers to reduce the distractions of through traffic on Sunday mornings (we need 7m), 3.) Bibles for children who do not have.

Teen Class

Children's Ministry

Our teenagers meet on Sundays from 8:30-9:15am. They have been going through a survey of the Old Testament this year. There are normally 5-10 kids in attendance. This ministry is led by Craig who is joined by Caleb.

This ministry needs our staff to feed kids from Crystal Park High School, Jahari Christian Academy and Noorderlig Gekombineerde Skool into the program.


Youth meets on Fridays from 6:00-8:00pm. We have 20-25 kids in regular attendance but sometimes up to 40. The kids sing a set of songs and hymns and then there is a formal preaching slot. Afterwards the kids break up into groups of boys and girls to discuss the sermon. This ministry is led by Caleb who is joined by Menzi, Gideon, Elijah, Mwewa and Dimpho.

This ministry needs more lady leaders.

Mothers on Duty

This is a brand-new ministry focused on toddlers. As a church we faced two challenges. Our new Mothers Room was already a little too full and we were concerned that many of the mothers of toddlers were not able to engage during the sermon time because of the need to care for their children. Linzi suggested the Mothers on Duty program. Several moms rotate childcare during the services. We have dedicated a section of the property to be developed and some equipment has been bought to make their job easier. We have an average of 4 toddlers making use of the facilities on a Sunday morning. This ministry is led by Linzi and she is joined by Carol M, Lana, Mercy, Petunia, Sylvia and Kgaugelo.

This ministry is in need of an outside swing.

Mothers Room

Through Carol we’ve been able to put a lot of effort into the functionality and ascetics of our Mothers Room this year. It caters for infants under 1 years of age attended by their mom during services and functions. We average 2-4 kids on a Sunday. Carol takes care of this ministry.

Chess and Soccer Outreach

Children's Ministry

On Fridays from 2:00-4:00pm Gideon and Menzi coach soccer at the local High School for children from 10-18 years old. Mark coaches chess at the church. Between 40-60 kids attend the soccer clinics and 10 kids attend the chess. The kids are invited to Youth that evening and from Youth invited to Teen Class and from Teen Class invited to Sunday services.

Music and Academic Outreach

On Saturdays Caleb offers music lessons and Gideon joins him to offer extra Maths and Accountancy lessons to High School students.

Sunday School Training

Children's Ministry

Once every three months Craig leads Sunday School Training classes on a Saturday to 10-15 teachers from 4-5 churches on the Eastrand.

Child Protection Policy

Everyone who participates as a leader in any children’s ministry signs our Child Protection Policy. We train on the policy once every 3 months during the Sunday School Training. Our next step is to get police clearance and vet our leaders on the sex offenders register. You can download our Child Protection Policy here.

School Outreach

Children's Ministry

Every Wednesday Gideon and Menzi take devotions at Crystal Park High School and Jahari Christian Academy. Most Wednesdays and some Fridays Mark takes devotions at Crystal Park Primary School. A door has opened up this year at Noorderlig Gekombineerde Skool and we look forward to seeing how that develops in 2018.

Youth Camp

We will be joining Welkom Baptist Church again this year for our youth camp. 20 kids together with Gideon, Menzi, Elijah and Caleb will participate in a week of fun, food, Bible, fun, Bible, worship, Bible, obstacle course, discipleship… and absolutely no sleep. Pray for the leaders :).


Children's Ministry

This year we have hosted Creation Ministry International for a Dino conference (speaker was Marc Ambler) and have held a Career Day conference (speakers were Chris – Engineer, Dave – Entrepreneur, Mark – Systems Engineer, Russell Makonyola – Mass Communication, Tom Tarlton – Medical Doctor, Nan – Nurse, Sifiso – Marketing).

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Mark serves as a full time elder focusing on teaching. He is married to Liezl and has three children, Kaitlyn, Kathryn and Thomas. Mark was saved in the 90’s in Midrand Chapel, Gauteng. He previously served as an elder at Midrand Chapel and was sent out from that church as a missionary in 2010. Mark studies theology at the Baptist Theological College. He became an elder at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni in 2010.

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