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We had an excellent Our Ministry Matters meeting last night. Thanks to everyone who was there (Mark, Liezl, Alan, Dave, Katleho, Mirriam, Gideon, Ndumiso, Menzi, Caleb, Stuart, Linzi, Mercy and Dimpho) and to those that apologised (Warren, Sharon, Craig, Erica and Tammi). What a team we serve together with! Here’s an overview of what was discussed if you didn’t make it.

What is the Our Ministry Matters Meeting?

The elders meet regularly to pray, to counsel one another regarding our shepherding tasks and to consider issues of oversight. An Our Ministry Matters meeting is an opportunity for members of the church to join us; add input, ask questions.

Our elders lead the church. But our elders also remain accountable to the church. This is one mechanism to ensure that this relationship is healthy and active to God’s praise and glory.

What gets discussed at Our Ministry Matters meetings? We don’t discuss people. This is not a forum for that. We often ask for input regarding the current teaching programs in the church, the morning service, the evening service, Bible studies. We discuss the various programs in the church and allow individuals who run them to give input, ask for assistance, share how others can get involved. We give some indication of what the elders are thinking regarding planning, where we’re headed, and why.

The Our Ministry Matters meeting is a useful tool to smooth jagged edges of ideas off before they’re presented to the church at Congregational Meetings.

What was Discussed Last Night? – Teaching

Our Ministry Matters

  • Mark Penrith reported that our Pulpit ministry continues to grow. We have 7 preachers in the church (Mark, Gideon, Craig, David, Menzi, Warren and Caleb).
  • David Courtney said that our Bible studies are all doing well (Young Adults, Crystal Park, Benoni, Youth, Sunday School and Teen Class). 73% of our members attend one.
  • Liezl Penrith told us that our Ladies Ministry is blossoming. 8 ladies (Liezl, Sharon, Mwewa, Mirriam, Tammie, Linzi, Erica and Ndumisa) are meeting together as leaders in training and the various groups continue to grow (Wednesday, Saturday and the Discovery groups).
  • Mark Penrith, in response to a question, said that if there was one area that needs attention it is Family Devotions. We want to continue to promote this in the church community.

What was Discussed Last Night? – Worship

  • Stuart McFarlane spoke about how our church continues to grow in the area of Corporate Worship. We now have 4 worship teams led by Warren, Stuart, Caleb and Menzi.
  • Dave Courtney spoke a little about our Finances. The Finance Committee (Warren, David and Donnalee) are doing a sterling job of managing the funds. There is always a need for more in our growing church community.
  • Gideon Mpeni spoke about our Prayer ministry. It is maturing. We now have prayer emails, nights of prayer and our prayer meeting on a Sunday morning (which Bible study leaders need to encourage members to attend).
  • Menzi Mohale addressed our Mercy Ministry. We distribute porridge to anyone who asks for it from the church premises. We maintain a list of those in need from amongst our members and provided weekly/monthly food parcels.
  • Katleho Pule spoke of the new role of Service Co-ordinator. Together with Lee he is making sure that the service runs smoothly from start to finish each week.

What was Discussed Last Night? – Fellowship

  • Liezl Penrith spoke on behalf of Sharon Scott regarding Sunday tea. There are now 4 teams on tea duty led by Sharon, Tammi, Zanele and Mwewa.
  • We have 2 sets of Door Greeters (Richard D and Richard R together with Lana).
  • When asked Mark mentioned that this is an area which needs to be co-ordinated by a recognised leader in the church, either an elder or a deacon, to ensure that we grow in unity, love and service towards one another.

What was Discussed Last Night? – Evangelism

  • Caleb Kendagor spoke about Door to Door evangelism and Street Preaching. Many members are involved but we can continue to encourage more.
  • Menzi Mohale said that we continue to have open doors to the High Schools in our area and Gideon Mpeni mentioned that we may have an open door to Noodelig as well.
  • Mark Penrith confirmed that the Primary School‘s door were once again open.
  • Nondumiso Ntikinca told us that the Clinic continued to allow us to speak on Thursdays and that there was a potential of starting a Bible study with the staff.
  • Mark Penrith spoke about Each One Reach One. Our growth continues to be off the back of our members inviting friends and family to church and so we want to equip all our members to share their testimony using the How to Share Your Faith with a Friend Bible study.
  • Gideon Mpeni address our strengthening relationship with Grace Baptist Church Daveyton and how the Lord has been blessing Moletsane Baptist Church Soweto. We also spoke of Caleb and Ruth and our heart for them.

Capacity Planning

Our Ministry Matters

Alan Roome pointed out that our growth means that soon we won’t fit in our building. Mark Penrith fleshed out how the elders are responding to capacity planning. Three ideas came from the group: 1.) Car Marshalls on a Sunday morning to assist with parking (Mark and Katleho will schedule for September). 2.) We need to have darkening blinds in the overflow hall (Mark to discuss with Sharon). 3.) We must ask people to move to the sides during the notices.

Mothers Room

Mothers Room

Linzi McFarlane pointed out that the Mothers Room was at capacity this last Sunday. She suggested a Mothers on Duty program to alleviate some of the space problem. She will put it together with Mercy Pule.

Family Devotions

Linzi McFarlane also requested material for Family Devotions. Mark will follow up on annual material and pricing.

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Mark serves as a full time elder focusing on teaching. He is married to Liezl and has three children, Kaitlyn, Kathryn and Thomas. Mark was saved in the 90’s in Midrand Chapel, Gauteng. He previously served as an elder at Midrand Chapel and was sent out from that church as a missionary in 2010. Mark studies theology at the Baptist Theological College. He became an elder at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni in 2010.

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