His Stars Shout, His Word Speaks and our Hearts Cry-out! Sermon Outline – Christian Standard Bible

Psalm 19 – Christian Standard Bible

Psalm 19 presents how General Revelation and Special Revelation point to God and uncover our heart need:

For the choir director [Musicians in OT and NT]. A psalm of David.

1.) The Sky Declares God (Psalm 19:1-6)

1.) Through all time, 2.) to all man, 3.) in all places God has revealed Himself generally through creation.

i.) 1 The heavens
ii.) declare [count, 7021, Sextillion]
iii.) the glory [attributes/perfections] of God, [Ps 147:4; El]

2.) and
i.) the expanse
ii.) proclaims [art]
iii.) the work of his hands. [God’s glory to God’s work]

1.) Through Every Age [perpetual]
1.) i.) 2 Day after day ii.) they pour out [better: gush forth; spew out] speech;
2.) i.) night after night ii.) they communicate knowledge. [creativity, order, power, protection, wisdom]

2.) To Every Person [general]
1.) 3 There is no speech [Candlelight];
2.) there are no words;
  their voice is not heard. [an orchestra of the eyes, “a picture worth 10,000 words”]

3.) In Every Place [universal]
1.) i.) 4 Their message ii.) has gone out to the whole earth,
2.) and i.) their words ii.) to the ends of the world.

1.) In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun. [creation’s soloist]
5 It is like a groom coming from his home; [Marriage Day]
2.) it rejoices like an athlete running a course. [Chariots of Fire]
6 It rises from one end of the heavens and circles to their other end;
  nothing is hidden from its heat. [Universal]

The Shortcomings of General Revelation:
1.) Impersonal/Personal
2.) Immoral/Perfect
3.) Hopeless/Propitiationary

2.) The Word Tells of the Lord (Psalm 19:7-11)

The Lord speaks specifically through His Word; He 1.) Captures the Mind, 2.) Satisfies the Soul, 3.) Stirs the Spirit.

1.) Divine Educator
i.) 7 The instruction [Torah, Law] of the Lord
ii.) is perfect, [complete for life]
iii.) renewing one’s life; [converting, turning one’s soul]

2.) Divine Counsellor
i.) the testimony of the Lord
ii.) is trustworthy, [immutability]
iii.) making the inexperienced wise.

3.) Divine Standard
i.) 8 The precepts [measure, rule] of the Lord
ii.) are right, [true reference]
iii.) making the heart glad;

4.) Divine King
i.) the command [authoritative decree] of the Lord
ii.) is radiant,
iii.) making the eyes light up.

5.) Eternal Lord
i.) 9 The fear of the Lord [title]
ii.) is pure, [holy and eternal]
iii.) enduring forever;

6.) Divine Judge
i.) the ordinances [judgment] of the Lord
ii.) are reliable
iii.) and altogether righteous.

1.) Captures the Mind
10 They are more desirable than gold—
 than an abundance of pure gold; [analogy: dating, architect]

2.) Satisfies the Soul
 and sweeter than honey
 dripping from a honeycomb.

3.) Stirs the Spirit
11 In addition, Your servant is warned by them, [Geiger counter for false doctrine]
 and in keeping them there is an abundant reward. [Geiger counter for false living]

3.) Our Hearts Cry-out for the Redeemer (Psalm 19:12-14)

God’s Word 1.) Uncovers our Need for Jesus, 2.) Presents the Perfections of Jesus, 3.) Details the Path to Jesus

12 Who perceives his unintentional sins? [sins of omission, sins of commission]
Cleanse me from my hidden faults. [nutured sin, natured sin]

a.) 13 Moreover, keep Your servant from willful sins; [Rebellion, Numbers 15:30]
b.) do not let them rule me. [Galatians 5]
b.) Then I will be blameless
a.) and cleansed from blatant rebellion.

14 May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable to you,
Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.

Redemption: “to buy back, to restore”
1.) Depraved
2.) Justified
3.) Sanctified
4.) Glorified

Application of the Psalm 19 Sermon Outline

An Unbeliever

Engage the Mind: To deny God is foolishness. Look to creation and see His Hand everywhere.
Stir the Heart: Whilst you can deny Him in speech you cannot deny Him in heart or mind without doing damage to yourself.
Call on the Will: Turn from your unbelief and believe.

A Seeker

Engage the Mind: Knowledge of God (7-11) isn’t the same as knowing God (14).
Stir the Heart: Do you know of God or do you know Him? Is He a god or my God?
Call on the Will: Put your faith and trust in Jesus and believe.

A Back Slider

Engage the Mind: Our lives are to be living sacrifices of faithful obedience to God.
Stir the Heart: The Scriptures both guide and warn. Be warned, if you’re on a wrong path the discipline of Father God will not tarry.
Call on the Will: Remember, Repent, Keep.

New Believers , Believers and Old saints

Engage the Mind: The whole of God’s Word for the whole of Life.
Stir the Heart: Apply the Word of God to your life. Parenting, working, leading, suffering, loving… it is sufficient for life and godliness.
Call on the Will: Commit to Scripture memorization, meditation, reading, study… be a good expositional listener.

Key to the Psalm 19 Sermon Outline

Grammar is highlighted in Orange. Lists are numbered 1.), 2.), 3.). Comparisons are lettered a.), b.), c.).
Key concepts requiring explanation are highlighted in Green.
Textual notes are bracketed and highlighted in Yellow.
Repeated words, phrases or concepts are highlighted in Red.
Commands to be obeyed are highlighted in Pink.
The main idea of the passage or a section is highlighted in Blue.
The numbering system is related to application:  unbeliever , seekers ,  back sliders ,  new believers ,  believers and  old saints .
A cross  marks the best place in the text to directly proclaim the Gospel.

The Christian Standard Bible

Psalm 19

The Christian Standard Bible is a trustworthy translation that is proven to be the optimal blend of accuracy and readability. Faithful to original manuscripts.

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