Benefits of Joining a Small Group Bible Study

Small group Bible study is an important part of Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni‘s life. In them we foster accountability relationships and enjoy deep fellowship, worship and prayer. They are an environment where we can probe the truths of Scripture. We encourage all our members to participate in one of the Bible studies that the church offers.

Personal reading is very important. Along with personal reading, Scripture memorization is part of burying the Word of God deep in one’s heart. Sunday corporate worship includes the reading of Scripture and preaching of God’s Word. Expository preaching both unveils the Word to us and applies it into the lives of our people. In Bible study groups give us an opportunity to ask questions and probe Scripture alongside other believers who love the Word of God.

Learn What the Bible Really Teaches in a Small Group

Small Group, Bible Studies

Unless you place yourself into an environment where the bible is well taught you will struggle to learn properly. Attending a small group Bible study helps to protect yourself against the many dangerous false teachings that are all around us today. It is very easy to fall into error unless the Scriptures are carefully and accurately studied. It is very hard to do this alone. Small group Bible study led by well by grounded and competent teachers are an ideal environment for learning.

Learn How to Live Properly in a Small Group

Small Group, Benoni Bible Study

This is true, the better we know and understand what God teaches us in the Bible the better equipped we are to live for Him.

Enjoy Christian Fellowship in a Small Group

Small Group, Bible Study

To be part of a small group Bible study puts you into regular contact with fellow believers which enables closer relationships to develop. This is healthy for all believers. The bible teaches us that spending meaningful time with other Christians is part of God’s discipleship plan for His church. We all need each other in order to grow in maturity.

Develop Real Friendships in a Small Group

Small Group, Ebotse Bible Study

Most Christians only see fellow believers once a week at the Sunday service. Joining a small group Bible study during the week promotes a better appreciation of the people you become acquainted with. Better friends make good prayer partners. Friendship is your responsibility and privilege, as it is for everyone in a local church. Play your part and make friends in a study group.

Grow in the Faith in a Small Group

Small Group, Crystal Park Bible Study

By teaching you to discipline yourself. By making you accountable to others. By developing good habits. By being encouraged by, and encouraging others. By improving your confidence in a group. By learning how to pray and how to study.

Over the course of 2018 we’re trusting that you will engage in a small group Bible study and benefit from fellowshipping, learning and growing together.

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David Courtney

Dave is an elder focusing on small group development. He is married to Carol and they have seven children, Iain, Matthew, Daniel, Paul, Melissa, Sarah and Michael. Dave was saved in the 70’s in Bullowalo, Zimbabwe. He worked at the Emmaus Bible College, Chicago and came to South Africa as a missionary in the 80’s serving the Brethren church movement. Dave became an elder at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni in 2016.

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