Who’s Singing What Worship Songs?


For a while I’ve been curious to know who’s singing what. Is Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni’s corporate worship similar in expression to the likeminded churches we’re in close fellowship with? So I contacted pastors, got in touch with worship leaders, received worship setlists for the past 12 months and compiled them. The results are… interesting, and available for you to check out below.

Who’s Who in my Zoo?

This was a mammoth exercise and took me far longer than I anticipated. For a start, everyone’s data came in different formats. I literally had to hand scrub everything.

As a result I had to limit myself to four churches, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni, Midrand Chapel, Antioch Bible Church and Grace Fellowship. Why those four? Because we’re almost peas in a pod theologically. Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is a plant from Midrand Chapel and the three other churches are all “Masters” churches – they have “senior” pastors who are graduates from The Masters Seminary.

I’ve visited each of these church and would describe the worship flavour between them as slightly different. Antioch Bible Church and Grace Fellowship I’d describe as Conservative, Classical, Evangelical. Midrand Chapel I’d describe as Conservative, Contemporary, Evangelical. And Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni… Contemporary, Evangelical.

There are plenty of churches I could have included (Grace Christian Church, Germiston Baptist Church, Benoni Baptist Church, Heritage Baptist Church…) but time constrained me.

How did we Compare?



The results are so interesting. When it came to repertoire Midrand Chapel, Antioch Bible Church and Grace Fellowship all had large pools. Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni’s was much smaller – our worship director made this decision a few years ago to encourage corporate singing and we don’t change setlists between morning and evening services. Antioch Bible Church’s huge repertoire can be attributed to them singing a large pool of older hymns.

Comparison of Repertoire
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniMidrand ChapelAntioch Bible ChurchGrace Fellowship
Unique Content

When it came to content that one church is singing and no one else is singing Antioch Bible Church stood out because of the number of old hymns they’re singing on Sundays and Midrand Chapel because of the number of old worship songs.

Number of Unique Songs
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniMidrand ChapelAntioch Bible ChurchGrace Fellowship

So what hymns/songs do individual churches love that other churches aren’t singing? Here Crystal Park Baptist Church’s repetition of a unique repertoire meant that it dominated 8 of the 10 unique entries.

Top Unique Songs by Frequency
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniFor the Cross8
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniAmazing Love7
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniBayete Enkosi7
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniWe Cry Holy7
Antioch Bible ChurchHow Sweet and Awful7
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniIn the Cross7
Midrand ChapelChrist is Risen7
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniFather I Thank You6
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniGlorious Day6
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniHere I am to Worship6
Glaring Omissions

There are a number of reasons a church may not sing a particular song. Normally amongst a like minded group it’ll be lack of exposure or theological content or overall tone.

Here are the top played songs which never made it onto the list of a single church.

Top Songs not Sung by Church
Church not Singing a SongSongFrequency by other Churches
Grace FellowshipMan of Sorrows19
Antioch Bible Church10 000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)15
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniWonderful Merciful Saviour13
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniBefore the Throne12
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniI will Glorify in My Redeemer12
Midrand ChapelAncient of Days10
Midrand Chapel and Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniBy Faith10
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniCome People of the Risen King10
Grace FellowshipGrace Greater Than All Our Sin10
Crystal Park Baptist Church BenoniHow Firm a Foundation10
The Top 10 for 2016
Top 10 Songs
How deep the father's love for us19
Man of sorrows19
All I have is Christ16
10 000 reasons (Bless the Lord)15
Behold our God15
In Christ alone15
Speak Oh Lord14
Across the lands13
Come praise and glorify13
Salvation belongs to our God13
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Mark serves as a full time elder focusing on teaching. He is married to Liezl and has three children, Kaitlyn, Kathryn and Thomas. Mark was saved in the 90’s in Midrand Chapel, Gauteng. He previously served as an elder at Midrand Chapel and was sent out from that church as a missionary in 2010. Mark studies theology at the Baptist Theological College. He became an elder at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni in 2010.

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