Sunday Service, 9:30am
1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

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Christ-centred preaching, God-glorifying worship and Spirit-Fuelled friendships

Service Times

The Sunday service at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is from 9:30-11:00 am.

What to Expect


Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is located at 1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni


Core Values

Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is a Biblical Teaching, Fervent Worshipping, Loving Fellowshipping, Passionate Evangelising church in Benoni.

Biblical TeachingFervent WorshipLoving FellowshipPassionate Evangelism

Bible Church Teaching at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is a Bible church. As such, we draw our belief from God’s Word. And so, our sermons make the main point of Scripture the main point of the message and apply it to our lives. Our members take part in Bible studies for accountability and the study of Scripture. We have Bible based children’s ministries. Last, we encourage family devotions.

What Bible Church Teaching Looks Like?

The Pulpit: In 2019 we have been working through the first two chapters of Philippians. Some of our preachers moved on to other Bible church ministries. Mark continues to fill the pulpit, also, Warren, Patrick, Etienne, and Tshepo join him. Bible Studies: We have 8 weekly Bible studies. We have 2 monthly Bible studies. We have 3 weekly children’s ministries. So, 70% of our members are active in a small group. Conferences and Preachers: We have had Jim Elliff preach.

Leadership development: The elders are working with 4 men who are developing well. We have 22 members co-leading our Bible studies. Servant Development: We have recognized Katleho and Tammi as deacons. We have brought forward Richard for consideration.

Library and books: We received and distributed books from Sola 5 and Ekklesia Africa. Our library continues to grow and is well utilized. Family Devotions: I’m delighted by regular reports of members doing family devotions. Corporate Scripture Reading: Finally, our reading team has grown to 5 men.

Where to from here?

As a Bible church, we desire more members to commit to midweek Bible studies. Furthermore, we want to see Bible studies integrating attendees transitioning towards membership. As a final point, we are mobilizing members to midweek preaching slots.

Worship at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

At Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni we glorify God and enjoy Him together. And so, our 9:30 am Sunday morning service includes Bible reading, praying, giving, preaching, communion and joy-filled singing; as a God-glorifying act of worship our members give proportionally, anonymously, cheerfully and sacrificially; we share prayer requests weekly, have a Sunday Morning Prayer Ministry, corporate prayers and we offer prayer after our services; and we do good to all men, especially to them who are of the household of faith, by distributing food and clothing and taking care of practical needs.

What Fervent Worship Looks Like?

“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God” (Colossians 3:16).

Consider Colossians 3:16 for a moment. Can you see the link between Biblical admonishment and teaching with singing? Did you know singing is a form of teaching and admonishment? Observe the entire musical repertoire: psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Singing with thankfulness is prescriptive. As a church we must ensure that our singing is God-glorifying and Christ exalting; at the same time incorporating Biblical truth. Most important, we appreciate that our worship is only acceptable through the work of the cross.

Where to from here?

Corporate Worship: Continue to grow in our understanding and application of Colossians 3:16. Sound Team: We’ve seen Tsepo Pitso and Thoriso Peloeahae added to the team. Band: Continue the journey through the book “Worship Matters”; and refine our song repertoire with some amazing new songs! We’ve seen Etienne added to the team as a worship leader and Lee-Ann added as a pianist. Worship as a lifestyle: Continue to mature in this area. Mercy Ministry: Become more intentional taking care of holistic needs. Duty Roster: We have separate pools for preaching, leading communion and leading corporate prayer. And so, 7 additional men have opportunity to visibly lead. Giving: Praise the Lord for the strong growth in giving and careful stewardship of our funds! Prayer: >10% of our members attending the weekly prayer meeting before the service however our quarterly prayer meetings draws 30+.

Fellowship at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

At Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni God is adding to our fellowship. And so, our members commit to our local church and our church commits to them. We are warm, friendly, and generous with each other and visitors. We really do love our neighbours even as we love ourselves. These qualities are very attractional to a watching world. And as a result, we continue to grow. As so, our fellowship increasingly reflects our city’s diversity. And then, through discipleship and Biblical counselling, our members are growing and thriving.

What Loving Fellowship Looks Like?

Attendance: We are experiencing our 8th year of consecutive growth. As an example, we experienced an increase of 20% attendance over the Easter period. We expect over 125 people on any Sunday morning service with highs of 160 and lows of 115. We have seating capacity for 144. Besides, there are 40 seats in the overflow, 15 in the mothers’ room, and soon, 10 in the toddlers’ room. Due to capacity constraints hosting speakers and special services is becoming very difficult.

Member Care: We have taken in 6 members so far this year (with 7-9 currently in membership classes). We have 91 members on our main register and 15 members on our supplementary register. Our average member attendance at Sunday morning services is 64%. We’ve baptised 2 people into membership this year. Our ratio of baptisms to membership remains at around 50%. Discipleship: We have some formalised discipleship relationships. We hope more intentional discipleships relationships will form this year. Biblical Counselling: We have a growing number of trained counsellors. So, our counselling ministry continues to mature. There is a real sense that our people are dealing with sin and situations in God-glorifying ways.

Visitor Care: We have around 10 first time visitors every Sunday morning. And so, Tshepo has been improving our capturing of their information and follow up. Hospitality: Tammi continues to develop this area.

Renovations: We’re currently painting the function rooms throughout the church.

Where to from here?

We’ve saved an amount for our extensions. As such, the building committee is putting plans together for the alterations. Furthermore, we are anticipating the need for an interim second service.

Evangelism at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Evangelism is important to Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni. This is because reaching Benoni and beyond with the message of the Gospel is our mission. And so, we lead morning devotions in our suburbs schools. We also preach at our local clinic and offer staff counselling. Last, we street preach and do door to door evangelism.

What Passionate Evangelism Looks Like?

Schools Outreach: We preach at Crystal Park Primary School and High School. At Jahari Christian Academy we preach and answer questions from the students. We have an opportunity for a member to lead staff devotions once a week. At Noorderlig Gekombineerde Skool Ben runs a Student Christian Organisation. From time to time we preach by invitation. Clinic Outreach: We preach to patients in the mornings and run a monthly soup kitchen. Door to Door and Street Preaching: We will partner with Northmead Baptist Church. Police Station Outreach: Finally, We host a weekly Community Police Forum meeting.

Training: Week 1 of our membership course is Gospel rich. Delegates explain the Gospel in their own words. They must also describe the fruit of their salvation, the evidence of their faith. They spend some time looking at Paul’s testimony to saving faith. Then they write out their own personal testimony. This they sign and return as part of the application process. For extra homework we link to sermons from Paul Washer, John MacArthur and Steve lawson. All this emphasis is to ensure regenerate membership who can articulate their faith.

Where to from here?

First of all, Mark will continue to raise more preachers so that we saturate our suburb with God’s Word. Our members will continue to reach there friends and family with the Good News. A door opened in Chief Albert Luthuli Park so that we can reach this area with the Gospel.


Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni offers Sunday School, Teen Class and Youth programs.

Church Benoni

Sunday School

Children (4-12 years old), Sunday mornings (8:30 am), Generations of Grace.

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Teen Class

Teenagers (13-18), Sunday mornings, John Piper’s Don’t Waste your Life.

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Teenagers (13-18), Friday evenings, fun, games and age appropreate topical subjects.

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Child Protection Policy

We have drawn up guidelines of how children and young people entrusted to our care should be treated.

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Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is led by a plurality of godly, qualified men called elders and served by godly, qualified men and woman called deacons.

Biblical Leadership
Church Benoni

Mark Penrith

Fulltime Elder

Preaching and Teaching

Church Benoni

Warren Scott



Tammi Gould


Hospitality Ministry

Katleho Pule


Men’s Ministry

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