Over the next season of lockdown we desire to balance the edification of our members, the evangelism of our city and the health and safety of those who minister at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni. To that end we’ve given careful thought to the rostering of our worship teams. If you have any queries or concerns contact the church office (office@crystalparkbaptistchurch.co.za or +27 87 700 5319).

Recognising that if members who minister in our services contract Covid-19, we may risk of losing key people through forced self-isolation. To guard against this, the most robust solution is to form two distinct and separate service teams who do not serve together. That way, while we may lose an entire team, we’d still have continuity. The remaining unaffected team will carry the load until the quarantined team receives the all clear.

We have designated the service teams Team A and Team B. Each service team will be managed by the elder overseeing that particular team. That elder will be responsible for rostering and building the teams for designated Sundays. Particular members, serving on given Sundays, may be used in any combination with no restrictions or limitations within their respective team.

Members may be assigned to either group as long as they don’t serve from the church premises and aren’t in physical contact with anyone from the other team. Please strictly observe this requirement. You may not under any circumstances, have physical contact (presence) with a member of the opposite team. If this cannot be avoided (you notice that someone in the opposite team is someone you will need to see physically), please let me know and we will remove you from that team.

Starting from next Sunday, 5th July, Team B will commence. The teams alternate every weekend thereafter until the end of September. Of course the pattern will change if one of the two teams is forced into isolation.

Team A

•Etienne (Worship Leader Elder responsible for rostering all assignments/missions awareness/preach)
•Lee-Ann (piano/vocals)
•Stuart (worship leader)
•Kgaugelo (backup vocals)
•Tseko (backup vocals)
•Seyi (videographer/OBS tech)
•Thoriso (audio/visual tech)
•Jade (audio/visual tech)
•Tshepo (intro/notices/pray/preach/tech etc)
•Sifiso (remote pre-service hosting)
•Christoff (pray) – remote
•Tladi (trainee all functions)
•Randy (Scripture Reading)

Team B

•Warren (Worship Leader Elder responsible for rostering all assignments/preach)
•Richard (Worship Leader/intro/notices/pray/tech)
•Lana (piano/vocals)
•Mercy (backup vocals)
•Kevin (videographer/OBS tech/audiovisual tech)
•Sharon (Visual tech)
•Kathryn (audiovisual tech)
•Mark (preach/pray/backup for all tech functions)
•Chris (pray) – remote
•Katle (Scripture Reading)
•Roland (Missions Awareness- remote)
•Craig (preach/pray)

In Christ,

Warren Scott (elder for worship)

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