This is our weekly roundup. The intention is to communicate everything in one place. I hope it’s useful?

Pray for South Africa

We must pray. But how? I’ve been reading Matthew Henry this week. He is best known for his biblical commentary of the Old and New Testaments. But I’ve been reading another book he wrote, A Method for Prayer. Find detailed ways to pray for our country here.

Pray together this Friday

This Friday morning, from 9:00-11:00am, join Mark and Tshepo on Radio Pulpit. We will learn what the Bible has to say about praying for our nation and commit our land to the LORD in prayer. Tune in on 657 AM, DStv channel 882, Open View channel 607. Use the Radio Pulpit app, or listen online. You can also watch the stream on Facebook here.

Pray together this Sunday

On Sunday, from 5:00-6:00pm, gather together for prayer on Zoom. We will join Florida Baptist Church and Springs Baptist Church. The meeting ID is 940 9130 6691, the passcode is 8MmnZ7. Find the link here.

Join our live Sunday worship service

South Africa is once again under lockdown level 4. The president has prohibited social and religious gatherings. The assembly of the saints is fundamental to the local church. Our elders have decided that we will not gather in person over this period as a temporary exception. We will stream our live Sunday worship services to YouTube and Facebook. We will also send out the audio via WhatsApp. We will stream the service at 9:30am.

The funeral service of Richard Delfel

I am grieved by the passing of Richard Delfel. While I am saddened for Margy’s loss, I am joyful for Richard’s gain. His funeral will be on Thursday, 22 July, 10:00amYou can watch it live hereYou can register to attend the funeral in person here.

Christ is building His Church

Are you discouraged by events around us? Don’t lose sight of this joyful truth. Christ continues to build His Church! People have been indicating interest in church membership. Say hi and get to know Werner, Tenieke, Ivan, and Jonelle as soon as we start gathering again. Would you like to become a member? Contact the church office (+27 87 700 5319) or fill in this form.

People are hungry for Truth

Donnalee walked into one of those small cellphone shops to get a phone cover yesterday. The shopkeeper looked straight at her and asked if she was a Christian. He told her that he was a Pakistani Christian and desperately wants to grow spiritually. Donnalee connected him with me and I connected him with Mark Manaf who reached out to him and is engaging with him. Don’t underestimate the spiritual opportunities around us at the moment. People are hungry for Truth.

Read towards spiritual growth

We’re using WhatsApp to read good material together. Here are three WhatsApp groups you can join to read and grow with other Christians in our community:

  1. CPBC NT in 3 Months: This group reads through the New Testament together every 3 months. This would be a great group to join if you’ve not read the Bible before, or if you need a little accountability. Mark is the group admin. Join the WhatsApp group here.
  2. CPBC Daily Devotionals: Struggling to get into the rhythm of doing daily devotionals? In under 10 minutes each day, you can get your daily dose of Solid Joys by John Piper. This would be a great resource for husbands and wives to do together. Or even families after supper. Tshepo is the group admin. Join the WhatsApp group here.
  3. CPBC 3 Sermons a Week: This group reads 3 sermons a week. The elders select the sermons. They reflect central truths or central figures from contemporary and church history. This group starts Monday, 1 August. Mark is the group admin. Join the WhatsApp group here.

Would you like to start a WhatsApp reading group? Contact the church office (+27 87 700 5319). We’d love to help you get started.

Our church app and church directory

Did you know we have a church app? It’s available on Apple and Android. One of the key features of the app is a directory of members. You can control information shared for you and your family. It’s a great way to know who to pray for in our community.

How to give

Our mission is to glorify God, together, proclaiming His Word, in Benoni. Giving is one way that you can partner with us to make that happen. Giving is a familiar theme throughout Scripture. Our giving is a tremendous privilege, not a heavy burden. It should be anonymous, cheerful and sacrificial in nature. You can give via our website (we partner with PayFast). Or give via EFT. Bank: Standard Bank, Account: Crystal Park Baptist Church, Number: 021 103 100, Branch: Benoni, Code: 013 042.

Our school feeding ministry

We’ve been feeding 2 groups of 45 children daily at Crystal Park High School. We will start feeding another 45 children daily at a second school from the beginning of the third term. The need amongst the children in our community is far greater than we anticipated. Please pray that we’d find great people to serve as cooks as we scale this ministry to a second site. Would you like to get involved? Contact the church office (+27 87 700 5319) or fill in this form.

How to get involved

There are so many ways you can serve at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni. There are evangelism, fellowship, worship, and teaching opportunities. Would you like to get involved? Contact the church office (+27 87 700 5319) or fill in this form.

How to submit a prayer request

Need prayer? Please tell us. Want to make us aware of a praise item? Please share with us. Contact the church office (+27 87 700 5319) or fill in this form.

How to connect with a small group

Christianity was never intended to be a spectator sport. Small group Bible study is not valuable, it is invaluable. Connect with a small group (Young Adults, Benoni, Ladies, Men, Youth, Sunday School) hereFind a Bible study on Zoom here.

How to disciple, and be discipled

Disciple, and be discipled. Add prayer and purpose to your relationships. By prayer I mean, share prayer requests and praise items with one another. By purpose I mean, study a part of God’s Word together. Looking for material to use? Or looking for someone who can begin the process with you? Contact the church office (+27 87 700 5319). We’ll help you.

The freedom of religion in South Africa

I want to say thank you. 90,000 believers submitted objections to the PEPUDA Amendment Bill. Some submissions were from members of Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni. I will keep you updated about the freedom of religion in South Africa.

Church, gather!

It may seem schizophrenic to call the church to gather while our elders have decided that we will not gather in person over this period. Let me repeat, the assembly of the saints is fundamental to the local church. And, this is a temporary exception. There are at least 4 ways the Bible prioritises gathering: 1.) The presence of the Lord commends it. 2.) The command of the Lord requires it.  3.) The community of the Lord needs it. 4.) The pictures of church imply it. Find out more in this 9 Marks Journal article here.


We send out regular WhatsApp broadcast messages from the office phone. This includes the weekly roundup. As well as prayer and praise items, and church family information. Unless you save our office number to your contacts you will not receive the messages. Our office WhatsApp (and telephone number) is: +27 87 700 5319. Find our WhatsApp guidelines here.
Yours in Christ,

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