Biblical Teaching

We draw our belief from God’s Word.

Pastor Mark Penrith

“At Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni we hold to a high view of Scripture. We delight in the Word of God. This delight flows through our services, our Bible studies, and all our ministries. Whether studying hermeneutics with the Young Adults, systematics with the Training for Bible Study and Church Leaders, or Generations of Grace in Sunday School, God’s Word is our solid foundation. As pastor, I see God strengthening us in His Word even as He exalts Himself in it and through it.”

Mark Penrith


Training for Bible Study and Church Leaders
Etienne Du Toit preaching at the easter conference
Young Adults
Tshepo Pitso preaching
Mark Penrith preaching
Gideon Mpeni preaching
Mark Penrith teaching
Etienne Du Toit teaching at young adults
Craig Dadoo preaching
Charles De Kiewit preaching at the easter conference
Evangelism Primer
Jeff Gage teaching Hermeneutics

How we’re doing?

February-May 2021 (Comparisons are to the previous quarter)

Online Watch Time
YouTube: 504hrs (-13%), Facebook: 230hrs (+17%). Aim: YouTube: 500hrs, Facebook: 500hrs.
Website Views
9k views (-47%), 7k visitors (-40%). Aim: 20k views, 15k visitors.
Bible Studies
6 Weekly (-1), 2 monthly, 2 children’s ministries, 2 live streamed (+1), 1 micro group (+1). Aim: To develop 10 micro groups (2-4 people).
2 elders, 2 deacons, 3 staff (+1), 18 Bible study leaders (+2), 1 micro group leader (+1). Aim: To develop 10 micro group leaders.

Our Mission

To glorify God, together, proclaiming His Word, in Benoni.