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What Members Do – Serve

We love God and so love one another. We serve God and so serve one another. This article describes a number of ways you can get involved in serving at our church.


What Members Do – Give

Giving is an act of worship and should anonymous, cheerful, sacrificial, regular and proportional.

I am a Church Member

What Members Do – Attend

We attend corporate worship, midweek Bible studies and other events so as to spur one another on.

Passionate Evangelism

Our Core Values – Passionate Evangelism

We reach our city and beyond with the message of the Gospel.

Loving Fellowship

Our Core Values – Loving Fellowship

We love our neighbour even as we love ourselves.

Fervent Worship

Our Core Values – Fervent Worship

We glorify God and enjoying Him together.

Biblical Teaching

Our Core Values – Biblical Teaching

We draw our belief from God’s Word.


Biblical Leadership – What do Deacons do?

The function of deacons is not described in Scripture and so each local church exercises freedom regarding their task.

Women Deacons

Biblical Leadership – What about Women Deacons?

Women can be recognised servants of a local church; typically called deaconesses.


Biblical Leadership – What about Deacons?

A Deacon is a recognised servant of a local church.