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1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

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Kids Hands

Child Protection Policy

1. Introduction to the Child Protection Policy The nurturing of children and young people entrusted to our care is of fundamental importance to Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni. Our church must be a place of stability for children and young people where they are free to be open and feel safe. This is what the…
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What Members Do – Serve

We love God and so love one another. We serve God and so serve one another. This article describes a number of ways you can get involved in serving at our church.


What Members Do – Give

Giving is an act of worship and should anonymous, cheerful, sacrificial, regular and proportional.

I am a Church Member

What Members Do – Attend

We attend corporate worship, midweek Bible studies and other events so as to spur one another on.

Passionate Evangelism

Our Core Values – Passionate Evangelism

We reach our city and beyond with the message of the Gospel.

Loving Fellowship

Our Core Values – Loving Fellowship

We love our neighbour even as we love ourselves.

Fervent Worship

Our Core Values – Fervent Worship

We glorify God and enjoying Him together.

Biblical Teaching

Our Core Values – Biblical Teaching

We draw our belief from God’s Word.


Biblical Leadership – What do Deacons do?

The function of deacons is not described in Scripture and so each local church exercises freedom regarding their task.

Women Deacons

Biblical Leadership – What about Women Deacons?

Women can be recognised servants of a local church; typically called deaconesses.