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Guidelines for Leading Corporate Prayer

Guidelines for Leading Corporate Prayer

Corporate Prayer
Guidelines for Leading Corporate Prayer

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Guidelines for Leading Corporate Prayer

Guidelines for leading corporate prayer at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni.

Before Corporate Prayer

  • Unable to fulfil a duty? Give the service coordinator sufficient notice.
  • Inform the service coordinator that you are present when you arrive.
  • Corporate prayer requires preparation. Do be aware of specific blessings received that we can thank God for; or specific petitions to bring before Him.
  • Be seated in such a way as to minimise distraction.
  • Be prepared to come up immediately when the corporate prayer slide goes up.
  • Position the lectern in the centre of the church and not to the side.
  • Always use the mic. Do not test the mic by blowing into it.
  • Corporate prayer should take 3-5 minutes.

Inform the Congregation

  • This is an expression of our unity before God.
  • This is an opportunity for heads of families to grow in the discipline of corporate prayer.
  • This is an opportunity us to hear how to praise, confess, thank and make our requests know to God.

The Corporate Prayer

  • As far as possible use plural nouns we and our over personal nouns I and me.
  • As far as possible be specific in prayer.
  • Adore God. Praise Him for His attributes, His works, His Son, His salvation. If you do this first then as far as possible be led from the passage of Scripture that you read.
  • Confess sin. Give some time for appropriate acknowledgement of how far we fall short of His standard. It may be appropriate to have a short time of reflection.
  • Thank God. For specific blessing in the life of the church or individuals.
  • Supplicate before God. Specific prayer requests for individuals in the church (such as the sick, struggling, sin-weary). Prayers for our church(our pastors, people, prodigals, programs). Prayers for our community, our city, our country (our ward counsellor, our mayor, our president). Prayers for the lost and the work of missionaries (in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and all the ends of the Earth).


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