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Membership Matters - Session 1

You want to Join us?

You want to join Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni? That's great! This course helps us learn about you and helps you learn about us.

There are 5 sessions you must to go through. You may do the sessions with a group of member candidates in membership classes. Or you may do the sessions one on one with a member of the church.

Each session takes 1 hour to complete. At the end of each session there is some homework you will need to Fill in and Return to us.

There are resources listed as For Further Study. While you're encouraged to listen or watch them it's not required.

In Session 1 we will answer the question What is the Gospel? and then we look at Paul's Testimony and you will write out Your Testimony.

What is the Gospel?

Christ died for our sin and rose in victory. All men everywhere must repent.

The Gospel isn't news that you're OK. It's news that you're in a dreadful predicament. God is holy; He hates sin. You've sinned against the creator of the universe and His wrath is levelled against you. What's good about the Good News is Jesus Christ. He came and died for your sins, bearing the full wrath of God upon Himself and He rose from the dead in victory over the grave, so that by believing in Him, repenting from your sins and turning to God, you can be restored to God through His finished work upon the cross.

Fill in and Return

Are you able to explain the Gospel in your own words?

For Further Study

Shocking Message (Paul Washer) - https://tinyurl.com/y47t5nod
Lordship Salvation (John MacArthur) - https://tinyurl.com/y3e6hgwy

Paul's Testimony

Paul's former life, salvation, the Gospel message, the fruit of salvation.

What does Paul say of his former life? (4-11)

What were the circumstances of Paul's salvation? (12-18)

Can you identify the Gospel message Paul believed? (1-23)

What was the fruit of salvation in Paul's life? (19-23)

For Further Study

A Gospel presentation (Steve Lawson) - https://tinyurl.com/yxaycgpp

The Gospel in Every Sermon? (Nathan Malpass) - https://tinyurl.com/y6t5bx9t

Your Testimony

Testify to your life before salvation, at the point of salvation, the Gospel message that you believed and how the Gospel has affected your life.

Fill in and Return

What do you say of your former life?

What were the circumstances of your salvation?

Can you describe the Gospel message you believe?

What is the fruit of salvation in your life?

 My personal details have been captured on the church system?



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