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Expository Preaching

What is Expository Preaching?

One of the things we love at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is Expository Preaching. Expository Preaching differs from Topical Preaching in that it “makes the main point of Scripture the main point of our message and applies it to our people.” It uncovers, explains and then applies the intended meaning of a passage.

How do we go about Expository Preaching?

For a start we work through books of the Bible during our morning services.

Over the last few years we’ve worked through God’s Heart for Missions in Jonah, The End of the World in Zephaniah, The Story of the Church in Acts, God’s Message to the Church in Revelation 1-3, Believe! in John’s Gospel and A Letter to a Messed up Church in 1 Corinthians and many others. We’re currently going through Walk the Talk in the Book of James.

Why is Expository Preaching so Important?

  • Expository preaching demonstrates proper handling of God’s Word to the congregation.
  • By preaching consistently through a book the preacher and congregation have the benefit of building each week on the content from the week before.
  • The preacher is guarded from Scriptural neglect.
  • Expository preaching balances the message from theological overemphasis.

What Does Expository Preaching Look Like?

Let me give you an example. In Matthew 13:3-8 Jesus gave the Parable of the Sower. In it He talks about a man who sows seed on four types of soil, three yield no crop and one produces an abundant harvest.

The text obviously isn’t primarily about farming. And it’s definitely not, as I once heard a prosperity preacher teach, about giving (sowing and reaping). It isn’t even primarily about evangelism, however that may be a sub point.

The main point of the text is that salvation looks like something, it produces a fruitful harvest in the life of a person who truly believes (as explained by Jesus in Matthew 13:18-23). That would then be the main point of the sermon.

Our Regular Preachers

Mark Penrith, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni  

Mark Penrith

Gideon Mpeni, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni  

Gideon Mpeni

Craig Dadoo, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni  

Craig Dadoo

David Courtney, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni  

Davi Courtney

Menzi Mohale, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni  

Menzi Mohale

Expository Preaching