Example of the Offering Prayer

Here is an example of leading the offering prayer at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni. How does your church do an offering prayer? If you have a recorded example online please drop us a email so we can learn (churchcraft@crystalparkbaptistchurch.co.za).

Guidelines for the Offering Prayer

Leading a prayer in thanksgiving for the collection is as much about our theology of giving as it is about our theology of worship. It is important that we lead well in this area.


  • The offering prayer must be well prepared. This is a teaching moment in our service.
  • If you are unable to fulfil your duty please give your team leader sufficient notice.


  • Please arrive no later than 8:15am for the 8:30am service or 10:15am for the 10:30am service.
  • Inform the service coordinator and worship leader that you are present when you arrive.

Before the Services

  • Be seated when the bell rings 5mins before each service.
  • Be seated in such a way as to minimise distraction when you come up.
  • Anticipate coming up immediately when the offerings slide goes up.

Before the Offering Prayer

  • Do not tamper with the lectern.
  • Always use the mic.
  • Do not test the mic by blowing into it.
  • Do not put your hands into your pockets.
  • The offering prayer should take 1 minutes.

Inform the Congregation

  • “Let us give thanks for the offering.”

The Offering Prayer

  • You may read a single verse or passage but do not explain it because of time constraints.
  • As far as possible use plural nouns we and our over personal nouns I and me.
  • As far as possible be specific in the offering prayer.
  • In a few sentences adore God. Praise Him for His attributes (goodness, wisdom. kindness, grace, mercy), His works (provision, care, guidance, protection).
  • In a few sentences thank God. For specific blessing in the life of the church or individuals (housing, financial provision, food, comfort, peace, employment, care).
  • In a few sentences supplicate before God. You could ask that the Lord grant wisdom with those who will steward the offering. You could ask that the Lord guide the decisions of the elders as they exercise oversight over the church. You could ask that the Lord use the gifts and offerings to extend His Kingdom in this place. You could pray that our gifts and offerings would be acceptable in His sight.


  • Do not pray that people “who could not give” may be able to give. Rather pray that we’d all give in good conscience and in proportion to what He has provided us with.
  • Do not pray that people “who did give” may be blessed. Rather pray that the Lord would allow us to be joyful givers. It may be appropriate to remember those who gave via EFT.

How does the Offering Prayer Feel?

  • Grateful.
  • Joyful.
  • Respectful.

Team Leader and Team

Richard Raphael, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Richard Raphael
Team Leader

Jake Msimango, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Jake Msimango
Team Member

Thoriso Peloeahae, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Thoriso Peloeahae
Team Member

Andy Crawford, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Andy Crawford
Team Member

Gavin Hughes, Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Gavin Hughes
Team Member

Appendix 2: Helpful Texts

  • 2 Corinthians 9:7-8
  • Acts 4:34-37
  • Acts 5:1-11
  • Luke 21:1-4
  • 1 Corinthians 16:1-4
  • Matthew 6:21
  • Romans 12:8
  • 2 Corinthians 8:2