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Ladies Bible Study

Worldliness | Part 1

September 5, 2020
Today's introduction to this broad topic on worldliness, is one of the greatest challenges facing Christians: Seduction by the world.
With everything happening around us, the world has so much to offer on how to deal with worry and anxiety. We will be going through a 3 week biblical study…
  Are you patient in circumstances, especially when you have to wait on God to answer your prayers? Leanne teaches on what areas require patience as children of God.  If…
We are known as the instant generation, those who want things now and will do anything to get it now. This new series on Irritability and impatience gives us 5…

Righteous anger

June 27, 2020
How we should strive to have the correct type of anger?

Anger towards God

June 20, 2020
Are you angry towards God? Listen...

Anger towards others

June 12, 2020
You switch on the news and you can see that the world is burning… people are full of conflict, people are quick to be angry with one another than to…


June 6, 2020
Anger is an intense emotional state caused by displeasure. Anger is a choice, just as much as whether or not you should have another glass of wine, or if you…
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