Church Update – Loving Fellowship (October 2018-September 2019)
% Increase in Attendance
Members +13%, adults +13%, children +45%
% Member Attendance
101 members on the main role and on average 60 in each Sunday service
Ratio of members to attenders
Member attendance 60, Non-member attendance 70
Biblical Counsellors
This will be an area of focus in 2020

“Our members commit to our local church and our church commits to them.”

Attendance: Over the past 12 months (October 2018-September 2019) we have grown well. We have experienced an increase of 19% attendance year on year. Over 130 people attend on any Sunday morning with highs of 206 and lows of 109. We moved to 2 services (8:30am and 10:30am) from the 15th of September. Since then we have experienced an increase of 45% attendance year on year. Over 160 people attend on Sunday mornings (subtracting those at both services). We have experienced highs of 206 and lows of 126.

Member Care: Our membership has risen by 12 members. This brings our membership to 101. Additionally, we have 15 members on our supplementary register. Our average member attendance at Sunday morning services is 59%. We had 60 members in attendance and total attendance of 130. We need to figure out how to move the 70+ attendees into membership. Discipleship: There are some formalised discipleship relationships. We hope more intentional discipleships relationships will form over the next year. We offer new members the option of classes or one on one discipleship. Biblical Counselling: There is a growing number of trained counsellors (8*). So, our counselling ministry continues to mature. There is a real sense that our people are dealing with sin and situations in God-glorifying ways. We will formalise our counselling ministry over the next year.

Renovations: We’ve had our roof repaired. We’ve also painted and carpeted all the function rooms in the church. We’ve purchased and installed a large tent for our hospitality area.