Loving Fellowship

“Our members commit to our local church and our church commits to them.”

Pastor Mark Penrith

“Our 8:30am Sunday service is chock-a-block. The main hall is absolutely full. And while there is some seating left, outside, under the tent, it’s Winter. And starting to get chilly. Brrr. And yet, we continue to enjoy a steady stream of visitors. And we’re looking forward to more. So, partner with us. If you don’t have to be at the 8:30am service come celebrate Jesus together with us at the 10:30am service.”

Mark Penrith


How we’re doing?

February-May 2021 (Comparisons are to the previous quarter)

% Increase in Attendance Quarter on Quarter
Members +20%, Attendees +42%. Aim: 200-300 in attendance each Sunday.
% Member Attendance
115 members on the main role (>5%). Aim: 75%.
Ratio of members to attenders
Non members to members as ratio. Aim: 1.
Biblical Counsellors
3 staff, 1 elder, 4 trained lay counsellors. Aim: Track counselling hrs.

Our Mission

To glorify God, together, proclaiming His Word, in Benoni.