Why Church Membership?

The universal church is the Body of Christ. It comprises all believers in Christ throughout all time and in every place (Matthew 16:18). A local church is the universal church made visible in a particular place at a particular time (Romans 16:16). Our local church, just like the universal church, comprises people, not buildings (Romans 16:5).

The pattern of the early church recorded in Acts 2:41 was believe, be baptised, be added. Membership at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is the way we describe the adding. Local churches in the Bible knew who was in and who was out (1 Corinthians 5:1-13). Membership is defining who’s in our local church.

You want to Join?

You want to join Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni? That’s great! This process helps us learn about you and helps you learn about us.

Step 1: You Register

1.) Contact the church office via WhatsApp (+27 87 700 5319).

2.) Or email the church office (office@crystalparkbaptistchurch.co.za).

Step 2: We Meet

An elder and a member will interview you. We will ask questions about your profession of faith and your Christian life. After the interview we may commend you to the church as a potential member. We will likely seek to pair you up with a member who will disciple you until you take up membership. This stage may take some time.

Step 3: We Present

We present names of candidate members to the church for their consideration.

Step 4: We Learn

There are 5 sessions you must attend. You may do the sessions with a group of member candidates in membership classes. Or you may do the sessions one on one with a member of the church the elders have nominated.

Each session takes about an hour to complete. At the end of each session there is some homework you will need to fill in and return to us.

There are resources listed as For Further Study. While you’re encouraged to listen or watch them it’s not required.

Week 1 – How to Share your Faith with a Friend

Week 2 – What do we Believe? (Our Statement of Belief and Our Constitution)

Week 3 – Our Core Values (Biblical Teaching, Fervent Worship, Loving Fellowship, Passionate Evangelism)

Week 4 – Member Responsibilities (Praying, Attending, Serving, Giving, Inviting)

Week 5 – FAQs (What are Elders? What are Deacons? What is Church Discipline? What is a Congregational Meeting?)

Step 5: We Baptise

Baptism Sunday – Baptisms happen at a corporate gathering.

Step 6: We Accept

At 4:30pm we have a brief orientation of how the meeting runs and tabled motions. The quarterly general meeting starts at 5:00pm and usually runs to around 6:00pm. Member induction happens after a vote at the beginning of the meeting. You will then be entitled to vote as a member of Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni from that point forward.