Passionate Evangelism

Reaching Benoni and beyond with the message of the Gospel is our mission.

Pastor Mark Penrith

“Benoni needs Jesus. 158,777 people. And while I don’t know how many are saved, and how many are unsaved, I know that all of them are hopelessly lost unless they know, and are known by Him. Our mission is to reach our city with the Gospel.”

Mark Penrith


How we’re doing?

February-May 2021 (Comparisons are to the previous quarter)

Visitors per Week
11 visitors per week (+3). Aim: 10 visitors per week.
1 baptism (-1). Aim: 1:10 baptisms as a ratio to members in an annual cycle.
Preaching Points
Crystal Park High School, Street Preaching. Aim: CPHS, CPPS, NGS, CPPS, CPC and street preaching.
Evangelism Team
12 members on our evangelism team. Aim: 20, and measure involvement across opportunities.

Our Mission

To glorify God, together, proclaiming His Word, in Benoni.