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Series: Ecclesiastes - Under the Sun

Under the Sun in Light of the Son: God’s Answer to Corruption, Coronavirus and Economic Inequality

Corruption, Death and Oppression, are picked up by the author of Ecclesiastes in our text this morning. Hear how messed up the world really is from the preacher's point of…
Life Under the Sun

Our Human Responsibility in Light of God’s Sovereignty

1.) God's Absolute Control of All Things Includes Us Doing Things (10) 2.) God's Absolute Control of All Things is Beautiful Despite the Mess (11a) 3.) God's Absolute Control of…

How to Keep it Together When Life Throws you a Curveball

February 16, 2020
1.) God's Got This! - as Part of His Providential Plan (10) 2.) God's Got This! - as Part of His Perfect Plan (11a) 3.) God's Got This! - as…

How to Keep it Together When Life Happens and You’re Losing Control

February 9, 2020
When life happens (1-8) and you’re losing control (9) keep it together and remember 10 reasons why God’s Got This! (10-15)

How to Enjoy Life by Enjoying God by Enjoying His Provision

February 2, 2020
1.) The Faithful Man is Given Everything Needed to Enjoy God Forever (26a) 2.) The Sinful Man is Given Everything Necessary for Condemnation (26b)

5 Keys to Enjoying Life and Glorying God Every Day of the Week (Part 2)

January 26, 2020
Key 4: Enjoy Life – Find Satisfaction in God (24-25) 1.) God provides for us 2.) so that we can enjoy life 3.) which can only be enjoyed by being…

The Wise and the Fool are both Buried Six Feet Under

December 8, 2019
It doesn't take a genius to recognise it's better to be wise than a fool in this life; Yet, worldly-wisdom can't cheat the consequence of death. There is a foolishness…

The Sad Clown – How Pleasure for Pleasure’s sake is a Distraction that ends in Dissatisfaction

November 17, 2019
Illegitimate ways to Pleasure Legitimate Pleasure in Illegitimate ways Our teacher paints three portraits to show us that pleasure for pleasure's sake ends in pain: 1.) The Dissatisfied Pleasure-seeker (1)…

Don’t Try This at Home! – Why Ecclesiastes needs a Warning Label for Stupid People just like Me and You.

November 10, 2019
1.) Whatever you do do, don't do as I do (12-15) 1.) I've Done it All (12) 2.) It's All Messed Up (13) 3.) It All Ends in Despair (14)…