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Three Dirty Truths about Man Man is Rebellious Man is Offensive Man is Perverse Three Glorious Actions of our Lord The Lord Pardons The Lord Atones The Lord Justifies Three…

Arise Go Cry
Introduction Indifferent Hostile Adore
What Kingdom People wait for How Kingdom People live Who Kingdom People are
We were Saved - Our Justified Past We are Saved - Our Sanctified Present Set your Hearts Set your Minds We will be Saved - Our Glorified Future
How can I Know God? (Be Connected to Christ) Spiritual Danger Personal Description Theoretical Disconnection How can I Please God? (Die with Christ) by offering on things above by offering…
Prepared by Christ Victory with Christ Live in Christ
What does standing firm look like? What are we to stand firm against? Who are we to stand firm in?
Stand Firm In Christ Stand Firm Against Error Stand Firm In Faith