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The Harmony of the Gospel The Sufficiency of the Gospel The Unity of the Gospel
General Calling Effectual Calling Purposefully Predestined Steadfastly Sanctified
Does God have a right to elect me? “act of God” When did He elect me? “that eternal” Did God maybe elect me because He knew I’d choose Him? “and…
1. Man’s Sinful Scar 2. God’s Sovereign Salvation 3. Our Steadfast Sanctification
The Gospel of Reproach The Gospel of Revelation The Gospel of Redemption
Introduction Timing The audience A Declaration of Dominion Application Pray like you believe it Plan like you believe it Proceed like to believe it A Command of Commissioning Make Disciples…
Deserting the Gospel of Christ Perverting Christ Warning the Saints
What’s the point? This is God’s Gospel God’s Gospel of Grace God’s Glorious Gospel of Grace
1. God’s Glorious Gospel of Grace 2. Why Galatians? 3. Who was Paul? 4. What was Paul? 5. Whose Gospel was Paul Preaching?
Introduction Living God's Way Slaves not Servants Is this really Biblical Balancing the Biblical Record Abraham and Eliezer (Genesis 15) Joseph and Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 39) Roman Centurion (Luke 7)…