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Heaven’s Cure to Lockdown Isolation

Man is not designed for isolation. Companionship is in the nature of God and is in His design for man. This morning we enjoyed LIVE PREACHING! God’s Word is life…

How Lockdown Exposes the Idols of your Heart

You are a worshipper! And you're great at it! Give that some thought... Mull it over in your mind... Do you feel like a worshipper? Maybe you're an unbeliever, thinking…

Lack of Self-Control: How To Cultivate Self Control

May 9, 2020
This week we give five biblical tools with which you can cultivate self-control, physically, emotionally and mindfully so that we can strive to be in full obedience to God.

Why are Christians so difficult to spot? We really shouldn’t be!

May 3, 2020
How can you spot a Christian? Is he or she the person wearing a little gold cross around their neck? Do they have a fish bumper sticker? “Do you follow…

The Lack of Self Control

May 1, 2020

God the Source of All Good – Valley of Vision

April 27, 2020
Have you experienced good from God? How do you pray to this God who is the source of all good? The Valley of Vision is a collection of Puritan Poems,…

The Love Fueled Church

April 26, 2020
The Beatles sang 'All you need is love' and the world sang with them. But what is love? The apostle John says that love is from God and that God…

Why is Peter everybody’s favourite disciple? – John 21

April 23, 2020
I'm guessing that Peter is everyone's favourite disciple. What about you? In chapter 21 of John, I'm going to give you a couple reasons why! Introduction Greetings in the wonderful…

Watch this before you read the Gospel of John! – John 20

April 20, 2020
You really should watch this video before you read the Gospel of John. Let me show you why from chapter 20. Introduction I greet you in the wonderful name of…