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Practical Eschatology

Practical Eschatology

August 12, 2018
Living in light of Christ's Return Eschatology, the study of future things, is to be practical. What should Practical Eschatology look like? 3 Practical Ways to Live in light of…
Stop Building Castles in the Sand

Stop Building Castles in the Sand

July 22, 2018
“Live life in light of God's Sovereignty.” Download the companion Bible study here: James 4:13-17 1.) Stop Building Castles in the Sand (13-14) Presumptuous Man – So often thinking that…
James 4:11-12

It Take a Special Fool to Criticize

July 15, 2018
It takes a special fool to criticize. Download the companion Bible study here: James 4:11-12 1.) Your Family (11a) Believers are not to foolishly criticize one another because we're family.…
Healing a Twisted Tongue

Healing a Twisted Tongue

May 27, 2018
1.) A Powerful Twist (3-5a) Just like big beasts are controlled by small bits and massive ships are guided by tiny rudders our tongues have disproportionate power for boasting. 2.)…
James 2 8-13

Favoritism: How we’re Judged (Part 3)

April 15, 2018
Practical Christian living. Brings together our response to God and Christ-like relations towards others. 1.) Be Loving (8-11) a.) Discrimination is Sinful (9) b.) Discrimination is a Great Sin (10)…

Principles for Giving

May 7, 2017
1.) Principle: Worshipful 2.) Principle: Regular 3.) Principle: Common Duty of All 4.) Principle: Intentional 5.) Principle: Proportional 6.) Principle: Orderly 7.) Principle: Accountable 8.) Principle: Generous