Following Jesus
March 16, 2014

Following Jesus

Passage: Acts 9:10-19
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What is the Lord [Jesus] doing?

Speaking – by divine, direct, revelation – to Ananias

Directing – the Lord's comforter, Ananias - to God's man, Saul

Revealing – a wonderful opportunity, a turbulent future – about Saul, the apostle to the Gentiles

Sending – the Holy Spirit – filling Saul, empowering him

What is Ananias [Jehovah is gracious] doing?

Responding – yielding, availing himself – to the Lord

Protesting – in fear, anxiousness – because of Saul's reputation*

Doing - in obedience, submission – what Lord Jesus requested

Commissioning – at the Lord's instruction – Saul

What is Saul doing? Saul's following Jesus...

In Prayer

In Obedience

In Fellowship


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