Heaven’s Cure to Lockdown Isolation
May 17, 2020

Heaven’s Cure to Lockdown Isolation

Passage: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
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Man is not designed for isolation. Companionship is in the nature of God and is in His design for man.

This morning we enjoyed LIVE PREACHING! God’s Word is life changing! This Sunday we’re in Ecclesiastes. LIVE WORSHIP! Our live worship team includes vocals, guitar and projected lyrics. and LIVE FELLOWSHIP! Meet with believers from Benoni as we celebrate Jesus together.

From Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 we discovered 4 examples of why Companionship is Heaven's Cure to Lockdown Isolation: 1.) Work is Rewarded with a Companion (9b), 2.) Woe is Overcome with a Companion (10), 3.) Winter is Warmed with a Companion (11) and 4.) War is Won with a Companion (12a).

We'd love you to join us for our live Sunday service. For more information check out our website: https://www.crystalparkbaptistchurch.co.za.

To sign up to the Zoom In On Companionship in Marriage this week (Tuesday, 7:00-8:00pm) go to this link: https://www.crystalparkbaptistchurch.co.za/zoom-in-registration/.