How Lockdown Exposes the Idols of your Heart
May 10, 2020

How Lockdown Exposes the Idols of your Heart

Passage: Ecclesiastes 4:4-16
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You are a worshipper! And you're great at it!

Give that some thought... Mull it over in your mind... Do you feel like a worshipper? Maybe you're an unbeliever, thinking to yourself, “I'm definitely not a worshipper! I'm watching this by accident, or because my husband or my wife dragged me into it... I'm nooooo worshipper!” Maybe you're an backslider, thinking to yourself, “I was a worshipper once upon a time but I could hardly be called a worshipper right now... and I definitely couldn't be called great at it!” But you are a worshipper! And you are great at it! You worship every single day... Everyone does, religious or not, everyone is worshipping something, everyone is worship continually. If you're not worshipping God then you worship something else – a personal idol. Maybe your job, your relaxation, your own awesomeness.

1.) Lockdown Exposes the Worship of Work (4)

2.) Lockdown Exposes the Altar of Laziness (5-6)

3.) Lockdown Exposes the Shrine of Success (7-8)