Let’s Talk Missions
March 31, 2020

Let’s Talk Missions

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Mark Penrith, Etienne Du Toit, Roland Seiler and Gideon Mpeni talk about Life as Worship in the midst of the nationwide lockdown to combat Coronavirus.

We covered 1. Why Missions? (Biblical Theology of missions), 2. Contemporary challenges in missions, 3. Who is responsible for the unfinished task, and 4. What can I do?

Mark Penrith is a pastor at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni (https://www.crystalparkbaptistchurch....).

Etienne Du Toit is an elder at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni overseeing missions (https://www.crystalparkbaptistchurch....).

Roland Seiler is a member of Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni and a missionary serving Wycliffe Bible Translators (https://www.wycliffe.org/).

Gideon Mpeni is a pastor at Florida Baptist Church (http://www.floridabaptist.co.za/



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