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Practical Eschatology

Practical Eschatology

Practical Eschatology

Bible Text: James 5:7-11 | Preacher: Mark Penrith | Series: Walk the Talk

Living in light of Christ’s Return

Eschatology, the study of future things, is to be practical. What should Practical Eschatology look like?

3 Practical Ways to Live in light of Christ’s Return:
1.)Prepare in Patience (7-8)

Just like a farmer prepares his fields and waits for the crops with much out of his control but expecting that his efforts will bear fruit we’re to prepare in this present life for the immanent return of Jesus Christ.

2.) Live in Peace (9)

Just like the rich will be judged at Christ’s return so will all. In light of this judgment we’re to live in harmony together.

3.) Endure in Hope (10-11)

When the pains of this life are overwhelming us we’re to lift our eyes towards Jesus and remember that these trails will soon pass. Our Lord is compassionate and merciful and will supply all we need in our present moment and eternity to come.

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