Stop Building Castles in the Sand
July 22, 2018

Stop Building Castles in the Sand

Passage: James 4:13-17
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“Live life in light of God's Sovereignty.”

Download the companion Bible study here: James 4:13-17

1.) Stop Building Castles in the Sand (13-14)

Presumptuous Man – So often thinking that we are the masters of our own universe.

i.) is Clueless – Think you've thought through things? You don't even even know what you don't know!

ii.) is Short-sighted – Think you're in control? You don't even know what tomorrow's throwing at you!

iii.) is Short-lived – Think you have time? You're hardly a flicker on the timeline of eternity!

iv.) is Grave-bound – Think you can dodge bullets? Your end is certain!

2.) Build your Castle upon the Rock (15)

i.) Commanded Will (precretive, duties, revealed):

ii.) Heart Will:

iii.) Sovereign Will (decretive, effectively, causality, secret, hidden until)

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