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The Wise and the Fool are both Buried Six Feet Under

December 8, 2019
It doesn't take a genius to recognise it's better to be wise than a fool in this life; Yet, worldly-wisdom can't cheat the consequence of death. There is a foolishness…

The Sad Clown – How Pleasure for Pleasure’s sake is a Distraction that ends in Dissatisfaction

November 17, 2019
Illegitimate ways to Pleasure Legitimate Pleasure in Illegitimate ways Our teacher paints three portraits to show us that pleasure for pleasure's sake ends in pain: 1.) The Dissatisfied Pleasure-seeker (1)…

Don’t Try This at Home! – Why Ecclesiastes needs a Warning Label for Stupid People just like Me and You.

November 10, 2019
1.) Whatever you do do, don't do as I do (12-15) 1.) I've Done it All (12) 2.) It's All Messed Up (13) 3.) It All Ends in Despair (14)…

4 Reasons Why Mick Jagger “Can’t get no Satisfaction” [with a little application of how Kanye West and you can]

November 3, 2019
An Introduction to the Book A Summary of the Book Why Mick can't get no Satisfaction from Earthy Ends? 1.) No One's Going to Remember Him (4, 11) 2.) He…

Am I Really a Christian?

October 20, 2019
Christ - The Center of Christianity The Love Test Our Faith is Victorious

How may you come to know God’s glory?

1.) The Glory of God is Demonstrated in General Revelation 2.) The Glory of God the Father is Revealed in Special Revelation 3.) The Glory of God the Father is…

Pleasing Partnerships – How Christ Builds His Church

Contentment – Caught in the midst of Life

1.) Contentment is to be Caught rather than Taught (11) 2.) Contentment is for Dark Valleys and Soaring Peaks (12) 3.) Contentment is not about Me but all about Him…

Right Thinking evidenced by Right Actions results in Peace with God

Introduction Have you thought about the connection between evil thinking, evil actions, and the wrath of God? “Thoughts are the seeds of actions” (Richard Sibbes). “Good thoughts bear good fruit,…

How Christians Fight Anxiety