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Biblical Teaching

Church Update – Biblical Teaching (October 2018-September 2019)
Sermon Downloads/Views
Website: 4.5K downloads (over 12 months), Facebook: 6.5K views (over 2 months)
3 elders, 3 deacons, 29 Bible study leaders
Bible Studies
7 weekly, 4 monthly, 2 children's ministries
% Participation
Of the 252 active people on Planning Center 109 are members of a Bible study

“We draw our belief from God’s Word.”

The Pulpit: Between October and December 2018 we finished going through Genesis – Beginnings. In January we began Philippians – Joy in Gospel Unity which we were still busy with at the end of September 2019. Mark has filled the pulpit complimented by Tshepo and Etienne. Other men in the church and the occasional visitor add further support. Online: There were 11,000 views of sermons preached this year. This excluded archived material from previous years. There were 4,500 downloads from our website. And 6,500 views on Facebook (remarkable in that we have only been streaming our sermons on Facebook for 2 months). Bible Studies: We have 7 weekly Bible studies. We have 4 monthly Bible studies. There are 2 weekly children’s ministries. Planning Center: So, 43% of our Planning Center database belong to a small group. Planning Center is our church management software. We have 252 on our database. this includes church members, regular attendees and visitors. Planning Center allows you to see the small groups our church and even RSVP that you will be going. Conferences and Visiting Preachers: We held and hosted many events this year. With Benoni Bible Church we hosted David McCrum on Biblical Leadership. Again with Benoni Bible Church we hosted Joel James on Biblical Counselling.

Leadership development: We have 3 elders, Mark, Warren and Etienne. Servant development: We have 3 deacons, Katleho, Tammi and Richard. They serve in men’s ministry, hospitality and as treasurer. Other leaders: We have 29 members co-leading our Bible studies.

Library and books: Our library continues to grow. We have 938 titles. Speak to Cat to check a book out, but note: books checked out must come back. We donate 60-80% of books we received to like-minded churches. Family Devotions: Regular reports of spiritual heads of homes leading family devotions. Corporate Scripture Reading: 6 men read in worship. They are Andy, Alex, Randy, Sandile, Sifiso and Chris. Corporate Prayer Leaders: 2 men lead prayer in worship, Christoff and Chris. Communion Leaders: 2 men lead communion in corporate worship, Jake and Sifiso.