Sunday Service, 9:30am
1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

Biblical Teaching

Bible Church Teaching at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is a Bible church. As such, we draw our belief from God’s Word. And so, our sermons make the main point of Scripture the main point of the message and apply it to our lives. Our members take part in Bible studies for accountability and the study of Scripture. We have Bible based children’s ministries. Last, we encourage family devotions.

What Bible Church Teaching Looks Like?

The Pulpit: In 2019 we have been working through the first two chapters of Philippians. Some of our preachers moved on to other Bible church ministries. Mark continues to fill the pulpit, also, Warren, Patrick, Etienne, and Tshepo join him. Bible Studies: We have 8 weekly Bible studies. We have 2 monthly Bible studies. We have 3 weekly children’s ministries. So, 70% of our members are active in a small group. Conferences and Preachers: We have had Jim Elliff preach.

Leadership development: The elders are working with 4 men who are developing well. We have 22 members co-leading our Bible studies. Servant Development: We have recognized Katleho and Tammi as deacons. We have brought forward Richard for consideration.

Library and books: We received and distributed books from Sola 5 and Ekklesia Africa. Our library continues to grow and is well utilized. Family Devotions: I’m delighted by regular reports of members doing family devotions. Corporate Scripture Reading: Finally, our reading team has grown to 5 men.

Where to from here?

As a Bible church, we desire more members to commit to midweek Bible studies. Furthermore, we want to see Bible studies integrating attendees transitioning towards membership. As a final point, we are mobilizing members to midweek preaching slots.