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Fervent Worship

Church Update – Fervent Worship (October 2018-September 2019)
Worship Team
3 worship leaders, 15 members of the band, 4 on audiovisual
% Participation
68 members have a designated ministry
% increase in Giving
Rise in income from 2018 to 2019
< attendance at Prayer Meetings
We have prayer meetings on Sunday mornings, Friday afternoons and quarterly

“We glorify God and enjoy Him together.”

Corporate Worship: Our corporate singing continues to be strong. We’ve selected some new songs and said goodbye to some old ones to gear us for even better corporate singing. There are 100 hymns and songs in our repertoire (dating from 450AD to 2019). Band: Our worship team continues to work through the book “Worship Matters” by Bob Kauflin. The team has grown to 3 worship leaders and 15 team members. Sound Team: We have 4 sound technicians.

Duty Roster: The priesthood of all believers is on display in our worship services. We have separate pools for preachers (4), worship leaders (3) and service co-ordinators (5). We have corporate prayer leaders (2), communion leaders (2) and Scripture readers (6). We have men who give thanks for the offering (6). We have door greeters (2), counters (6). We have designated medics (5), tea and coffee fellowship (10), dishwashers (7). There are men taking up the collection and distributing the elements (16). We have a team assigned to doing the notices (1) and a team assigned to media (3). Besides members leading Bible studies (3) and Sunday school (5) during the 10:30am service. 67% of our members have an assigned task on a Sunday morning with only 15% assigned to more than one service team. Rostering all this has become an onerous task. Planning Center: From December we’ll be using Planning Center Services to assist us in the task.

Mercy Ministry: We do need to be more intentional in taking care of holistic needs. There were 60 food parcels distributed amongst members over the past year. We also distribute a porridge to the homeless and school children. Richard D and Mirriam head the Mercy Ministry.

Giving: Praise the Lord for continual growth in giving. We give thanks for the diligent work of the finance committee (Richard R, Warren and Jake). Our income over the past 12 months has been over budget (we saw a 14% rise). Our expenses were on budget.

Prayer: <10 of our members attend the weekly prayer meeting before the service. We have started another weekly prayer meeting at 4:00pm on a Friday afternoons. Our quarterly prayer meetings draws 30+.