Sunday service, 8:30am and 10:30am
1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

Fervent Worship

Fervent Worship

Hymns and Songs
We have revised our hymn and song repertoire.
Worship Team
We have a growing team of worship leaders, worship team members and sound technicians.
% Member Participation
63% of our members participate in a designated ministry on a Sunday morning.
Worship at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

At Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni we glorify God and enjoy Him together. And so, our 9:30 am Sunday morning service includes Bible reading, praying, giving, preaching, communion and joy-filled singing; as a God-glorifying act of worship our members give proportionally, anonymously, cheerfully and sacrificially; we share prayer requests weekly, have a Sunday Morning Prayer Ministry, corporate prayers and we offer prayer after our services; and we do good to all men, especially to them who are of the household of faith, by distributing food and clothing and taking care of practical needs.

What Fervent Worship Looks Like?

Corporate Worship: Over the past 3 months (June-August 2019) our corporate singing has been strong. The number of people in the sanctuary assists us with volume. We’ve selected some new songs and said goodbye to some old ones to gear us for even better corporate singing. We have 112 hymns and songs in our repertoire. Band: Our worship team continues to work through the book “Worship Matters” by Bob Kauflin. The team has grown to 3 worship leaders and 14 team members. Sound Team: We have 4 sound technicians.

Duty Roster: The priesthood of all believers is on display in our worship services. We have separate pools for preachers (5), worship leaders (3) and service co-ordinators (4). We identified corporate prayer leaders (3), communion leaders (2) and Scripture readers (5). We have men who give thanks for the offering (4) and men and woman who do intercessory prayer after the service (8). We have door greeters (4), counters (7), men involved in setup (1) and tear down (4). We have designated medics (3), tea and coffee fellowship (9), dishwashers (8). We have men taking up the collection and distributing the elements (19). We have a team assigned to doing the notices (2) and a team assigned to media (2). Besides members leading Bible studies (3), Sunday school (6) and teen classes (2) before the service. All in all 63% of our members have an assigned task on a Sunday morning with only 25% assigned to more than one service team.

Mercy Ministry: We do need to be more intentional in taking care of holistic needs. We distributed 25 food parcels amongst members over the past 3 months. We are distributing food to the homeless and school children in need of nutritional support.

Giving: Praise the Lord for continual growth in giving and careful stewardship of our funds! Our average income reported over the past 3 months has been 98% of budget. Our average expenses 99% of budget.

Prayer: >10% of our members attending the weekly prayer meeting before the service. Our quarterly prayer meetings draws 30+.