Sunday Service, 9:30am
1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

Loving Fellowship

Fellowship at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

At Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni God is adding to our fellowship. And so, our members commit to our local church and our church commits to them. We are warm, friendly, and generous with each other and visitors. We really do love our neighbours even as we love ourselves. These qualities are very attractional to a watching world. And as a result, we continue to grow. As so, our fellowship increasingly reflects our city’s diversity. And then, through discipleship and Biblical counselling, our members are growing and thriving.

What Loving Fellowship Looks Like?

Attendance: We are experiencing our 8th year of consecutive growth. As an example, we experienced an increase of 20% attendance over the Easter period. We expect over 125 people on any Sunday morning service with highs of 160 and lows of 115. We have seating capacity for 144. Besides, there are 40 seats in the overflow, 15 in the mothers’ room, and soon, 10 in the toddlers’ room. Due to capacity constraints hosting speakers and special services is becoming very difficult.

Member Care: We have taken in 6 members so far this year (with 7-9 currently in membership classes). We have 91 members on our main register and 15 members on our supplementary register. Our average member attendance at Sunday morning services is 64%. We’ve baptised 2 people into membership this year. Our ratio of baptisms to membership remains at around 50%. Discipleship: We have some formalised discipleship relationships. We hope more intentional discipleships relationships will form this year. Biblical Counselling: We have a growing number of trained counsellors. So, our counselling ministry continues to mature. There is a real sense that our people are dealing with sin and situations in God-glorifying ways.

Visitor Care: We have around 10 first time visitors every Sunday morning. And so, Tshepo has been improving our capturing of their information and follow up. Hospitality: Tammi continues to develop this area.

Renovations: We’re currently painting the function rooms throughout the church.

Where to from here?

We’ve saved an amount for our extensions. As such, the building committee is putting plans together for the alterations. Furthermore, we are anticipating the need for an interim second service.