Sunday service, 8:30am and 10:30am
1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

2nd Service Launch Page

Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni is excited to start running 2 services because OUR CITY needs JESUS. We’ll keep all the information related to the move on this page as it becomes available. If you have any feedback please contact

Details that have been decided

When will we start?

We will start running 2 services on the 15th of September.

What times?

The 1st service will run from 8:30-9:45am.

The 2nd service will run from 10:30-11:45am.

Will the 2 Services be the Same?

As far as possible both services will be the same. We’ll use the same worship team at both services and the same preacher at both services. Other servants (such as Scripture readers) will be rostered for a specific service.

The Order of Service:

Half past the hour: Welcome & Notices start promptly.

25 min to the hour (latest): Call to worship starts.

5 to the hour: Hand over to corporate prayer or communion. (i.e. 20 min for call to worship, opening prayer, 4 songs, offering & prayer for offering).

5 to until 5 past the hour: Corporate Prayer/Communion (Total 10 min).

5 past the hour: Scripture Reading.

10 past the hour (latest): Sermon (sermon must finish at xxh45 sharp) i.e. 35 min.

How will the worship team function?

The techie team is now split in two:

Tech 1 (Slides):Tech 1 must attend the Saturday practice.

Tech 2 (Sound): Tech 2 does not need to attend the Saturday practice.

Setup and Practice on Saturday afternoons from 16h30 – 18h00 (or as arranged with the worship leader).

Setup and Warmup from 07h30 – 08h00 on Sunday morning (1st service 08h30-09h45; 2nd service 10h30-11h45).

Important Note: Band members and one of the two techies (they can arrange between themselves) are permitted to leave during the 2nd service Scripture reading provided they can do so in a quiet and non-distracting way. Please park outside the church grounds if you intend leaving early. No instruments may be carried out if leaving early.

How will the hospitality team function?

The hospitality team will arrive at 7:30am. Once they’ve finished their duties during the 2nd service they’d be free to go home.

How will the dishwashing team function?

The dishwashing team will attend the 1st service. Once they’ve finished their duties during the 2nd service they’d be free to go home.

How will the service coordinators function?

The service coordinators will arrive before 8:00am. They will service both services.

How will tea and coffee work?

There will be no coffee and tea before the 1st service. And there will be no coffee and tea after the 2nd service. Coffee and Tea will be served inbetween the 1st and the 2nd service.

How will Sunday school work?

Sunday school teachers will attend the 1st service. Sunday school will run during the 2nd service.

How will the counting teams work?

The counting team needs to arrive before the end of the 1st service (9:45am) to collect the offering and attend the 2nd service to count the offering.

How will the Ladies Discovery Group work?

Ladies Discovery Group members will need to attend the 1st service. The Ladies Discovery Group will run during the 2nd service.

How will membership classes work?

New members will need to attend the 1st service. The Membership and Baptism classes will run during the 2nd service.

How will preaching texts be determined?

Mark will preach an ongoing sermon series. Tshepo may preach in the sermon series or he, Warren, Etienne or Patrick may choose to preach a standalone sermon.

When will general meetings occur?

General meetings will be held on Sunday afternoons. We will have a light supper 5:00-6:00pm followed by the business meeting 6:00-7:00pm. We will consider lowering the quorum requirements.

How will Corporate Prayer and Communion work?

We will continue to alternate between corporate prayer and communion every other week. We will have corporate prayer or communion at both services on the same Sunday.


Anyone serving in the 1st service and staying through the 2nd service will be encouraged to park in the church grounds. Anyone serving in the 1st service but leaving during the 2nd service will be encouraged to park outside the church grounds.

Do we need a 2nd service?

% Increase
30% attendance increase at the Sunday morning worship service.
Average Attendance
Number of people at the Sunday morning worship service.
Seats Available
Number of seats available in the sanctuary.

We have experienced an increase of 30% attendance over the past 3 months (June-August 2019) compared with the same period last year. Over 137 people attended our services with highs of 160 and lows of 115. There is seating capacity for 144. Over the last month we’ve had 4 services above 90% of seating capacity.

We’ve tried to address the constraints by making 28 seats available in an overflow, 12 in the mothers’ room and 10 in the toddlers’ room. But even with them our ability to continue to grow is hampered.

We want to continue to make Christ known in our city and so we need to add a 2nd service to make that possible.

How should you respond to this?

Be excited

God is doing a work amongst us. What a joy to be part of it.

Be thoughtful

We haven’t thought of everything and we really would value folk who care about our church to point out areas that we need to apply our minds to in order for this to work out.

Be prayerful

Pray without ceasing. Commit this to the Lord. It is His good pleasure to act through our prayers.

What questions do you have?