Sunday service, 8:30am and 10:30am
1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

Passionate Evangelism

Passionate Evangelism

Outreach Points
Regular Gospel preaching points.
Salvation Testimmonies
Public salvation testimonies during our Sunday morning worship service.
Baptisms at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni.
Evangelism at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni

Evangelism is important to Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni. This is because reaching Benoni and beyond with the message of the Gospel is our mission. And so, we lead morning devotions in our suburbs schools. We also preach at our local clinic and offer staff counselling. Last, we invite family, friends and co-workers to church so they can hear the Gospel.

What Passionate Evangelism Looks Like?

Schools Outreach: Over the past 3 months (June-August 2019) we’ve had many evangelism opportunities. Schools are a great opportunity to reach the children in our suburb. We preach weekly at Jahari Christian Academy and Crystal Park High School. We preach at Crystal Park Primary School and Noorderlig Gekombineerde Skool on invitation. Clinic Outreach: We preach to patients in the mornings and run a monthly soup kitchen. Door to Door and Street Preaching: We will partner with Northmead Baptist Church. First Responders: Finally, We host the weekly Community Police Forum meeting. We also host patrollers meetings and community meetings from time to time. Recently we’ve been preaching at the Road Traffic Management Corporation.

Salvation Testimonies: We’ve heard 5 testimonies from baptismal candidates and new members. Baptisms: We’ll baptise 7 people into membership this month. Our ratio of baptisms to membership remains at around 50%.

Visitor Care: We have around 10 first time visitors every Sunday morning. And so, Tshepo has been improving our capturing of their information and follow up. Hospitality: Tammi has grown the pool of woman serving in this area.