Sunday Service, 9:30am
1 Clydesdale Road, Crystal Park, Benoni

Passionate Evangelism

At Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni we reach Benoni and beyond with the message of the Gospel. And so, we lead morning devotions at Noorderlig, Crystal Park High, Crystal Park Primary and Jahari Christian Academy; we preach at our local clinic two mornings a week. We also offer staff counselling and run a feeding scheme monthly; and we street preach in our city Benoni and go door to door in our suburb Crystal Park monthly.

What Passionate Evangelism Looked Like Last Year

Door to door and Street Preaching: We preach weekly at Library Gardens and monthly in Benoni, Actonville, Crystal Park, Northmead and Daveyton. Jerusalema: We partner with Germiston Baptist Church preaching, handing out tracts and running a Bible Study. Grace Baptist Church Daveyton: This year they have moved under Brakenhurst Baptist Church. Training: We have conducted Way of the Master training with the teens and a Bible Study. All 24 new members this year have gone through How to Share your Faith with a Friend. Schools Outreach: We continue weekly outreaches to Crystal Park High School, Crystal Park Primary School and Jahari Christian Academy. At Noorderlig Gekombineerde Skool Ben has opportunities to preach, lead staff devotions and run the Student Christian Organisation. Police Station Outreach: We preach during the shift change and host the weekly Community Police Forum Executive and Patrollers meetings. Clinic Outreach: Together with Healthcare Christian Fellowship we conduct in-service training with staff, run monthly soup kitchens and preach weekly to patients in the mornings.

Where to from here?

Craig will be focusing on raising and training our members in evangelism. Mark will be focusing on raising more preachers to go to the schools, police station and clinic in the mornings. Pray that a door may open in Chief Albert Luthuli Park so that we can reach this area with the Gospel.