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Topic: Faith

Building on the Rock

January 5, 2020


Abraham’s Faith and God’s Faithfulness

October 14, 2018
1.) Abraham's Faith (2-6) 2.) God's Faithfulness (7-21)

The Obedient Response of Faith

September 2, 2018

The Call of Abram 
The Obedient Response of Faith 
A Trying Call (1-3) 
Faith Fuelled Obedience (4-6) 
Responsive Worship (7-9)

The 5 Solas of the Reformation

June 17, 2017
Conrad Mbewe clearly, and powerfully, unpacks the Gospel verse by verse from Romans 3:21-26 at Crystal Park Baptist Church Benoni highlighting the truths flowing from Reformation: Scripture Alone is authoritative…

God Builds His Church

Proclamation: The Fearlessness of New Birth Persecution: The Great Escape Proclamation: The Boldness of Stayed Faith Persecution: Au Revoir Propagation: Church Growth

Stand Firm

Stand Firm In Christ Stand Firm Against Error Stand Firm In Faith

The Presence of Salvation

Faith Faith is invisible but you can see it Love Hope Our Hope is a Joyful Spring Our Hope is a Certain Reward Our Hope is a Divine Proclamation
Series through Galatians

God’s Glorious Gospel of Grace

Chapter 1: Paul’s Personal Testimony Chapter 2: Paul’s Corporate Testimony Chapter 3: Justification by Faith apart from Works Chapter 4: Justification by Grace apart from Law Chapter 5: Practical Application…
Series through Galatians

Standing, Clinging and Waiting for Jesus

Firmly Standing in Freedom What have you been set free from? How can we stand firm in freedom? Who do we stand firm against? Confidently Cling to Christ The Sacrifice…
Series through Galatians

The Problem with the Law

The Law Justification Faith