The notices proceed our worship service. As such they set a tone and are important to get right.

Team Leader and Team

  • See Appendix 1: The Notices Team Leader and Team.


  • If you are unable to fulfil your duty please give your team leader sufficient notice.


  • Please arrive no later than 8.15am for the 8:30am service.
  • Inform the service coordinator and worship leader that you are present when you arrive.

Before the Services

  • Check with the preacher and worship leader if there is anything to note about the services (such as a baptism).
  • Check with Mark or an elder which notices will be specifically presented.
  • Inform the projectionist which notices will be specifically presented.
  • Be seated when the bell rings 5mins before each service.
  • Be seated in such a way as to minimise distraction when you come up.
  • Anticipate coming up immediately when the notices slide goes up promptly at 8:30am or 10:30am.

Before the Notices

  • Do not tamper with the lectern.
  • Always use the mic.
  • Do not test the mic by blowing into it.
  • Do not put your hands into your pockets.
  • Welcome and notices should take 2-3 minutes.

The Notices

  • Welcome everybody, including those on Facebook or YouTube.
  • Greet visitors. Assume they are there. Never ask them to identify themselves.
  • Tell visitors where the bathrooms are, the Mother’s Room is, if there is Sunday School.
  • Ask everybody to turn their phones to silent.
  • You may ask a ministry leader or contact person to raise their hand or stand so they can be easily identified.
  • Hand over to the worship leader.


  • You lead the notices at both the 8:30 and 10:30 service.
  • You are free to leave after the notices in the 10:30 service.

How do Notices Feel?

  • Welcoming.
  • Informal.
  • Some humour may help the notices to feel welcoming and informal. But this is not a stand-up comedy routine.

Appendix 1: The Notices Team Leader and Team

Team Leader

Zakhele Thokwane


Tshepo Pitso

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